What we Do

We the Dogs was formed by five women from the DC area. We connected on Instagram through accounts set up to feature our dogs and decided to use our social connections to work together to give back to the DC animal community.

In June 2017, our group planned and hosted the Bipawtisan March to benefit the Humane Rescue Alliance and Rural Dog Rescue. Due to the success of the event and positive community response, we decided to form a nonprofit to host regular fundraisers to support local animal rescue organizations. ​

We the Dogs DC was officially launched in August 2017.  In January 2019, we launched We the Dogs NYC.  Our goal is to continue to launch We the Dogs teams in other cities that show interest in getting involved so that we can enable them to create the same type of grassroots community to support local rescue organizations that we’ve created in DC and NYC.

Our team works solely on a volunteer basis, and each of us has a full-time job that is not connected to the organization.  We do this because we all genuinely care about animal rescue organizations, and we have a talent for thinking of unique ways to bring the community together to benefit the local organizations that need it most.

Meet the Team

Our team consists of volunteers from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences with one thing in common: we love our dogs and want to build communities that support our pets. We the Dogs began as a “passion project” for us, and creating a 501(c)3 made it easier for us to work with our community to support local rescue organizations. We are dedicated to finding creative ways to support dog-friendly communities and to further the mission of our organization as it continues to develop. Read on to learn more about some of our incredible pack members.

Interested in Joining?

Our team is entirely dependent on community involvement and volunteers who want to make a difference. We created this organization with the goal of allowing other people who share our passion for dog-friendly communities to create and lead their own teams in their cities with our support. Learn more about how you can get involved and take advantage of the opportunity to support rescue organizations in an impactful and fun way!