We the Dogs Inc.’s largest fundraising event, and the first one we ever planned, is the Bipawtisan March.  When we created the Bipawtisan March in 2017, our goal was to create a positive event that would unite the community during increasingly divisive times.  We wanted the Bipawtisan March to demonstrate that all individuals, regardless of differing political and ideological backgrounds, could come together and find common ground as animal lovers and advocates.  Over the last three years, this annual event has raised over $32,000 to benefit local animal rescue organizations. 

We will not be holding a Bipawtisan March in 2020, due to the risks of hosting in-person events during COVID-19.  But we’re so proud of what we’ve accomplished as a community, and look forward to continuing our work together to support rescue organizations any way that we can. 

To date, We the Dogs Inc. has hosted three Bipawtisan Marches, and has raised over $32,000 for animal rescue organizations through that annual event alone.