First Annual March

The Bipawtisan March was held in Washington D.C on June 4, 2017. The Bipawtisan March was organized by a group of local dog owners who wanted to find a way that a group of individuals from different political and ideological backgrounds could come together and find common ground on a position that we all support: our pets. 100% of each tax-deductible registration fee goes directly to the Humane Rescue Alliance to aid rescue animals!

On June 4, 2017, we marched as a group of individuals and their dogs united by the common goal of increasing awareness and support of animal adoption and fostering. The focus will be on demonstrating that a diverse group of individuals can come together to show solidarity as animal lovers and advocates. Our mission is to show that no matter what side of the aisle you stand on, the love we have for our pets transcends all political agendas and is a cause that we can all support. 100% of your tax-deductible march registration fee goes directly to the Humane Rescue Alliance to aid rescue animals!

The Bipawtisan March is an effort led by a group of local Washington, DC-area dog owners who are organizing the march 100% as volunteers.

In addition to the positive message that the Bipawtisan March sends, we are proud that the event gives participants the opportunity to support the Humane Rescue Alliance, a local rescue organization that does so much good animals in our community. To ensure that 100% of the registration fees go directly to the Humane Rescue Alliance, we are not collecting any of the donations directly, but instead through the Humane Rescue Alliance.

We’re so excited about the response that we’ve received from people who support this cause! You can learn more about the organizers of the Bipawtisan March and their dogs who inspired the March on our Meet the Pack page which is coming soon! We can’t wait for our Pack to meet all of the other four-legged participants at the March!